Shhhhh….. Top Secret!

If you’re wondering what SNACS means, let me explain.  It means Secret National Association of Canine Spies, or SNACS for short.

What is SNACS?

SNACS is the spy agency for dogs.  Every dog is a member of the spy agency.  There is a spy agency in every country.  The HQ is in Moscow (That’s why there are so many dogs in Moscow).

How does SNACS work?

When a dog hears or finds out some interesting information, they pass the information on to other dogs by either sniffing or barking (That’s why dogs bark so much).  Eventually the news will reach the ears of the dog of the President (Or Vice President, if the President doesn’t have one.  We know the Vice President has an Aussie named Harley, so that’s probably where the news will end up.)  This is how it works in every country.

When and where does SNACS meet?

They meet under the Kremlin in Moscow.  They meet on the first and last day of every month.

What kind of jobs do dogs have at the SNACS HQ?

There is the board of Presidentials, the dogs of the rulers of the countries, the board of important dogs, the dogs of celebrities and famous people, and the board of others, the dogs of regular people, and the cataloguers, the dogs that are cataloguing and keeping records.  Oh, and the action team.

What kinds of things do SNACS keep records of?

They keep records of everything that their agents bring to them, and they have special dogs for that:  A team of female poodles to keep track of canine fashion trends, a team of police dogs to keep track of the criminals caught, a team of Great Danes to keep track of the types of food people are giving them, a team of dogs to record every dog that has lived, and make their I.D.s and passports, and a team of Aussies to record genealogy, and more!

What is the action team?

A team of K9 officers that go out and deal with trouble.

How do dogs in America get to Moscow in less then a day without their owners noticing?

To get to Moscow, the take the S4, or Supersonic Secret Spy Shuttle, a helicopter that goes 100 mpm (Miles per minute).  It would take them about 2 hrs to get from Ohio to Moscow.  They use a secret tube network that runs all around the earth to get back home.

What is their signal to bark?

A human jumping up and down and yelling, “DD!  DD!  DD!”.

Does SNACS have anything to do with snacks?

Yes.  They serve them.

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