Sunday Afternoon Story: A Different Version of “Le Mort De Arthur”

Incidentally: “To swoon” means “to faint”.

Here I have a different version of  “Le Mort de Arthur.”

Le Mort de Arthur

Here is what is says, in case you can’t read it.

Here is written in letters of gold a tale of yore.

The Lady Guinevere sayeth “Where doth Arthur, Sir Gawain?” And Gawain sayeth onto her “I hath rode far and wide and yet Arthur hath not been found.  So yet if I have to ride for nine moons I will search.”  But nine moons passed and Arthur hath not been found.  Sir Gawain rodeth back to Guinevere and said to her “I hath rode for nine moons and I  hath not found him. I am afraid Le Mort de Arthur has befallen him.”  And Guinevere swooned away.

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