Tis the Season: An Ulster Scots Ghost Story

This is the story o’ Stumpy’s Brae

And the murderer’s fearful fate.

Young friend, your face is turned that way,

You’ll be ganging the night that gate.

Stumpy’s Brae, or The Legend of Tom the Toiler

Set in rural Ulster in the early 1700’s, this drama is an Ulster-Scots ghost story based on the poem by Cecil Francis Alexander.

Poem can be found at derryghosts.com/stumpy.htm

VIDEO: Northern Ireland – Homeland of the Ulster-Scots

Yonder come my Kinfolk…

“They came with nothing, and for a complicated set of reasons, many of them still have nothing. The slurs stick to me, standing on these graves. Rednecks . Trailer-park trash. Racists. Cannon fodder. My ancestors. My people. Me.”

~James Webb, Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America

Here’s a brief 2:50 film promoting travel to Northern Ireland to rediscover your Scots-Irish roots.

Remember Your Ancestors!

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