Quote: Talk about Tradition…

That which is oldest is most young and most new.  There is nothing so ancient and so dead as human novelty.  The “latest” is always stillborn.  It never even manages to arrive.  What is really NEW is what was there all the time.  I say, not what has REPEATED ITSELF all the time; the really “new” is that which, at every moment, springs freshly into new existence.  This newness never repeats itself.  Yet it is so old it goes back to the earliest beginning.  It is the very beginning itself, which speaks to us.

~ Thomas Merton


3 Replies to “Quote: Talk about Tradition…”

    1. Quite so. “That which, at every moment, springs freshly into new existence” is from of old, and from above, and quite different from the empty repetitions that seem to clutter up so much of our day, and mind.

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      1. This was a gift from God to Thomas Merton’s Intellect to phrase some quotes from Isaiah in a new way. Even Isaiah thousands of years ago wrote directly from the Inspiration of God who said to him that He was making new things spring up, and Isaiah questioned Him saying: Are You The One From Long Ago, and then Isaiah was thinking over a thousand years back!


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