Remembering Our Ancestors: Naomi Ann Snyder

Today, we remember our grandmother and great-grandmother Naomi Ann.  As you see on her headstone (featured), she was not buried under her maiden name, or her first married name Christman, but under her second married name Grubb.  As you can also see, she was 41 when she died.  It would have been her 98th birthday on Sunday.

Naomi Ann was born into the Snyder family on 6 January 1921.  The first Schneiders to come to the colonies from Thuringia, Germany arrived in Virginia in 1709.  More followed over the course of the next years, and they moved from Virginia into West Virginia and then on into what is today Hocking County, Ohio in the early 1820s, and there they stayed, farmed, and/or worked in the coal mines.  The spelling of their name quickly changed to Snider or Snyder, with the usual lack of consistency.

Naomi grew up with one older and one younger brother as well as two younger sisters in the country, on the Snyder farm, in Southern Ohio.  There, she met a young gentleman coal miner by the name of James Christman, and the two of them got married.  About two years earlier, Naomi’s older brother Harold had married James’ sister Elisabeth, so the families had already joined forces, so to speak.  Here they are, Naomi and James:

James Dallas Christman and Naomi Ann Snyder
Naomi Ann Snyder and James Dallas Christman, around 1940

They got married on 3 August 1940, and a year and a half later, they had a little baby girl, but she was to be their only child because James died in an accident only two years after their daughter was born, and Naomi found herself alone.

After a while she married again, and her last name changed from Christman to Grubb, as can be seen on the headstone.  They moved to Columbus, OH, for a while, and then back to Rushville, OH, where Naomi lived for the rest of her short life.

One thing we know about her for sure is that Naomi was an outdoors-woman.  She loved the countryside and hunting, and it must have been quite different, and maybe a bit difficult, to live in the city.

Naomi Ann died back home in the country, on 15 May 1962, and tragically.  She was buried in Oakthorpe Cemetery in Rushville, OH.

Happy Birthday, (Great-) Grandma Naomi.  Rest in Peace now.


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