Remembering Our Ancestors: Rebecca Ellen Longstreth

Monday of this week, our 2nd (and 3rd) great-grandmother Rebecca Ellen Longstreth would have celebrated her 161st birthday.

WD and Rebecca
William David and Rebecca Ellen

Rebecca Ellen Longstreth was born on 3 June 1858, in Perry County, Ohio.  The Longstreth family first settled in the New World, more precisely in the south-eastern corner of Pennsylvania, around 1700, and Rebecca’s great-Grandfather John George Longstreth fought in and survived the Revolutionary War.  The Longstreth family had only relatively recently went further west into coal-miner country in Ohio.

We do not know if Rebecca had siblings, but on 17 June 1881 she married William David Christman.  They were probably living in New Lexington in Perry Co. OH at the time.  Rebecca and William had five children together, in 11 years.  And here they all are:

Christman family
William D. Christman and his wife Rebecca Christman, nee Longstreth, sitting. Children, left to right: Susannah, Burgess O., William Henry, (possibly) Mary Francis, and Dallas, our great-grandfather.

Rebecca died on 27 January 1928, in Trimble, Ohio, at the age of 69.  She rests in Glouster, Ohio, twelve years before her husband.

Rest in Peace, Great-Grandma Rebecca.


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