Cultured Wednesday: Wex’ Königsee

Willibald Wex was a 19th century Bavarian landscape painter.  He was born in Karlstein am Main in 1831, educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, and died in Munich in 1892.  Most of his paintings portray the awe-inspiring beauty of the German Alps.  We chose one that pictures the Königsee, painted around 1873.

Wex Koenigsee
Willibald Wex: Königsee, c. 1873

The contrast between the lake and the mountains struck us as particularly beautiful.  Besides, the people in their smallness are yet not insignificant enough to not deserve a careful reflection in the deep blue water of the lake.

Willibald Wex started out as a forester before he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich to become a painter.  He taught his son Adalbert his craft, and in time Adalbert Wex became a well-known painter himself who focused on alpine landscapes much like his father, but in a more melancholy manner, painting sunsets and evening moods instead of the clear grandeur of the day as portrayed above.


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