Fluffballs: The Himalayan Persian

This breed of cat has the luxrious coat of the Persian Longhair and the exotic color pattern of the Siamese.  Their eye color is less intense than in the Siamese.

  • Date of Origin: 1950s
  • Place of Origin: Britin and the USA
  • Ancestry: Persian, Siamese
  • Outcross breeds: Persian
  • Other name: Called a Colorpoint Longhair in Britain
  • Weight range: 8-5 lb (3.5-7 kg)
  • Temperment: Calm and friendly

The Himalayan Persians need a LOT of grooming since their fur is long, thick and silky, with no wooliness.  Thankfully, they love being brushed!  They are intelligent, self-contained, quiet and sedate, but they can be very moody at times.  By and large, they are good indoor companions.

Persia gyg
I’m watching you…

Coat Colors

  • Blue point: A cat whose blue coat color is confined to the points: the feet, ears, tail, and face mask.
  • Lilac Point: A diluted, brighter version of blue point. Body color is whiter and brighter than on a blue point cat.
  • Seal Point: Seal brown color on the points.
  • Chocolate Point: Chocolate brown color on the points (face mask, ears, tail, and legs), as opposed to the darker seal brown.  Body color is whiter and brighter than on a seal-point cat.  One distinction between the chocolate point and seal point is the color of their paw pads.  The chocolate point will have pink paw pads, whereas the seal point will have dark brown paw pads.
  • Red or Flame Point: If both parent cats are definitely dilutes (blue, cream or bluecream), the offspring cannot be a flame point.
  • Cream Point: Flame and cream colors can be very close.  There are hot creams and light reds.  Body color is whiter and brighter than on a seal point cat.


Because of their heritage from the Siamese cats, Himalayan Persians tend to be more active than other Persians, possessing a playful side even.  For example, most Himalayans love to play fetch, much like the Siamese, and a kitty toy can entertain them for hours.

Do not disturb me…



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