Facts About The Mothman

Here are some facts about the Mothman.

Recently I read John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies and I was fascinated by it.  Here are some facts about the Mothman.

mothman on bridge


There are many descriptions, sometimes he is said to be brown or gray, but he always has red, glowing eyes and large, bat-like wings.  Sometimes he has long, silver hair, but that is very rare.

Mothman drawing

An example of a sighting

On November 12, 1966 a couple of men were digging a grave at a cemetery by Clendenin, West Virginia.  They saw something in the trees that was like a man, but it was large and brown and had wings.  It spread its wings and flew away over their heads.

Interesting facts

The Mothman swooped down and grabbed the attention of UFO investigator John Keel and the local news reporter Mary Hyre, who died shortly after the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, WV collapsed.  Some people blame the Mothman for the collapsing of the Silver Bridge.  But there were also a lot of Men in Black around, not to mention the increased UFO activity in the area, so we don’t know who was responsible for what. 

Point Pleasant, WV sports the only Mothman museum in the world.  I would sure like to go there!  A statue by Bob Roach titled “Legend of The Mothman” stands in front of the museum.  Every September, Pnt Pleasant holds an annual Mothman festival in which many people take pictures with the Mothman statue.  He is also called the “Winged Man”.

Some people think that the Mothman is a Sandhill Crane.  Do you think that bird looks like the Mothman?   I sure don’t.

There is a Wikipedia entry about the Mothman as well, of course.  You can find it here.

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