Remembering Our Ancestors: Anna Elwood

Today, we remember our maternal 2nd great-grandmother Anna Elwood.  She was born in June of 1878 in Ohio, and died in 1944.  Her last known residence was in Glouster, Athens Co., Ohio.  She appears to have lived most of her life in the mining communities in southern Ohio, and is buried in Shawnee, Perry Co., Ohio, along with many other members of the Fouts family.  She married William Lee Fouts in 1893, and among their children was our maternal great-grandmother Goldie Fouts.

Anna Elwood Fouts
Anna Elwood Fouts (1878 – 1944), now resting at Beech Grove Church Cemetery in Shawnee, Perry County, Ohio, USA

Anna and William had eleven children between 1894 and 1916, and at least two of their children, Tommy and Evelyn, died during childhood.  Her parents are unknown to us at this point.  Their daughter Goldie, who was to become our grandmother’s mother, was their third child and first daughter.

For us the most fascinating thing about Anna Elwood is that her daughter Goldie, her granddaughter Naomi, her great-granddaughter Karen and her great-great-granddaughter Abigail, otherwise known as “The Daughter”, look just like her.


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    1. Could be posing, too, or maybe the photographer saying: “Turn that way and put your chin up” or something else annoying, haha. I love such old photos…

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